Thursday, July 21, 2011

The War Dolls 1750 Round Robin

In an effort to, you know, actually have gaming on here, allow me to present an idea we have wanted to do since before this blog went live.  This is The War Dolls 1750 Round Robin Warhammer 40k Vassal Tournament.  Or the WD1750RRW4DKVT.  I think I'm just gonna call it The Cat Fight.  We here at War Dolls have always valued the ability to smash our friends into tiny pulpy pieces and then eat their shattered remains to gain their power.  It's a natural evolution of the War Dolls ideals of furthering the cause of female gamers through a unified front.  Or were we just having fun?  I forget.  The important thing to remember here is that I am going to win and the rest of you chicks can suck my Orks.

The basic idea is simple.  All the Dolls who Play the K are going to shoot, chop, smash and flame the living hell out of each other until one person proves to be the baddest of all asses.  To this one person goes the esteemed title of WARBOSS WARDOLL (Or Chapter Master, if you're a sucka).  This tournament will probably take a little bit since one of our members is injured and another is indisposed, but the fight will rage on!  FOR JUSTICE AND GLORY!  The following table is available to gamblers and other Nevada residents.

Mistress of Minis (Team Jacob) 3:1
Katie Drake (Compensating With Chainswords Marines) 2:1
Farseer Ellorah (Space Fairies) 5:1
Commissar Carrie (Da Orks) 10:1
Emerald Rose Widow (Raid Bait) 6:1
Disclaimer: The Preceding Odds are non-scientific and written by someone with several shots of whiskey in her.  For actual odds see your nearest bookie.

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