Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Workspace

So I have finally gotten around to getting my painting workspace halfway decent to work with and paint in.  My main issue in this apartment is lighting as the living room does not have its own light like I would like it to.  So as you will see in the pictures below, I decided to buy some shop lights with some daylight bulbs for them to blast down up on my area.  These are clamped to a towel rack which is on my wall, and it creates wonderful lighting for my painting area, I can finally see well enough to get some work done.  The only things I need now are a magnifying boom light, and some kind of wall mounted tool holding thingamajig.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Homocide Day

Just thought I would give everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to all my gamer friends here on War Dolls.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful, fun and safe holiday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(future) Game Review - Super Dungeon Explore

I recently was able to visit Cool Mini or Not's offices and got to see the piles and piles of Super Dungeon Explore that were being shipped out for the pre-orders. I had seen the game demo that's set up in the Local Game Store here and have read through the rules and it looks like a lot of fun. Sadly I've not had a chance to play it, but I will post a review just as soon as I'm able.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Game Review - MERCS

Electrons ate my homework!

MERCS is a small squad skirmish game based in a futuristic, mega-corporate run world. MERCS are the Corporate Security forces that are now the military might of the world. There are 9 factions that are still world powers and currently 6 of them have been released for play. Each faction is different from the rest and has pros and cons. There's a good review of 5 of the 6 current factions here.

The game itself is pretty clever and quick. Each side chooses 3 to 5 models (no point costs!) from a faction and battles are fought on a 2'x 3' board.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hosting Tournaments

I am now in charge of running events and tournaments at the local game store. No one else is motivated enough to do it, so the store owner is allowing me to take it on.

The first tournament is a 1000 point 40k Tournament in 2 weeks. I have done a lot of research into tournament types and scoring methods, so I hope it goes well and that people have a good time.

It was my thinking after much research, to eliminate the subjective scoring done by the participants themselves, sportsmanship scores, etc.

The tournament will be mainly based upon Generalship, wins and losses, as well as mission bonus points.

There will be additional scoring for painting, since the store owner wants to see more people painting their armies. Assuming a maximum score all around for the person who also paints best, the painting score would account for about 20% of the overall score. I think this is fair.

Has anyone else run a tournament, what do you find works and does not work when it comes to scoring, and mission setups?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The new set Innistrad for MGT is wonderful, the new macahnics of the flip card are a little pain in the ass but its something i will get used to. My husband and i went to the new pre relise last saturday, for the most part it was a fail for me ( i pulled shit to make a deck) and he went up against someone who studyied thier deck, but other htne that it went good. HE managed to pull a foil snapcaster mage and i.. well i pulled a Skaab Ruinator. A couple things i learned that night that i would like to share with others.

1. If you are the only female there, dont point it out.. you already feel aqward enough without the guys stairting at you like you are an odd ball for being there.
2. if you do number one make sure you point out that your hubby is right there.
3. A pre relise touny may be fun. but make sure you go durring a day one
4. if you do go to the night one make sure that they start before 2 ( when time to start was scheduled for 12 am)
5. if this does happen, maybe after opening your packs its a good idea to leave if you have your kid with you.
6. dont let you kid (that is used to going to bed at 8:30 for school) sleep on the floor of the gaming store while you play MGT!
7. Best end the match if this is to happen.
8. insist your hubby knows this and you drop out.
9 also be on the look out of little kids who used to play yugioh and are now playing magic.
10. if you see them dont trade with them ( they will get two land cards from you that when you get home you will find out were worth 25 bucks each)
11. if you do find this out lie to your hubby and dont tell him he made a bad trade..

Other then that the pre relise was good. now just to convice my hubby to sell that card!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh where does time fly...

Okay.. so Seraph has been a little busy as of late.. maybe its been working, taking care of the kid, cleaning house, or just gaming ether way life has been full!

I guess i can start out the post that i am writing with a really good artical that i have been reading on stat city games. http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/misc/22786_To_My_Someday_Daughter.html .
The hubby showed me it and its really a good artical <_< ;. Anywho... so i have been playing a bit more wow then i would like to admit.. been spending a lot of moneys on magic cardies, and got a new tank for my turtles! This weekend is the prerelise of the new magic set ^_^ innistrad. I am already signed up for the tourie and we will see how i do! heh prob not too great. i hate making decks on the fly.

Anyone who plays xbox right now will prob glare at me.. but i really have not been looking forward to the day that GOW3 came out ~_~ those that know me will know why. blarg

On wow right now its brewfeast!!!!!!! though the game is starting to feel repeditive again and i am wishing i knew of something else to do. if the mud i play on was more populated i would be spending more time on there.... but the legends of krynn just seems like more often then not only immortals are on there and it gets really dull!

Anywho... this little tech girl has some stuffs she has to do before her 10.5 hour shift tomorrow. Ja Ne!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Citadel Finecast

Citadel Finecast Review

I know I'm a bit behind the game here, but I have been really lazy and just now have finally gotten around to writing my review on the citadel finecast. Games Workshop released finecast in May of this year, and it has taken some time for me to get around to giving a proper review about it. I will say that I cannot compare the Resin models to the Metal models, seeing as I got into this hobby late and was unable to try out the metal models.

So let us begin with my review on citadel finecast, and I will start with listing off what I view as the pros and cons of the medium.


Very light material, you don't have to worry about chipping and pinning.
Easy to work with, the material is like butter to a hot knife to work with.
Details, they are just stunning, very crisp.
Flash is minimal, and what flash is there can be scraped off with a fingernail.


Much lower melting point, more prone to warping.
Higher price (if only due to Games Workshops yearly price increase)
Rampant miscasts (this issue is primarily with the first batches)
Material is soft (both a pro and a con, because you can accidentally take too much off)
Packaging is a nightmare to get into, cut myself a few times doing it.

Since my first resin model I have bought a number, but this review will primarily be about my first one which was a Tyranid Hive Guard. Since then I have also purchased another Hive Guard kit as well as a Tyranid Zoanthrope. They so far have all been beautiful models with just the most stunning details, crisp edges, and not a single detail is spared or overlooked. Every single one of them, even the ones I had that had some minor or major miscasts, were still wonderful.

My first one had a few minor bubbles in it at most, a few details were partially compromised by the bubbles. With a little green stuff to fill in the bubbles (though I have heard super glue works just as well) it was as good as a perfect cast. Once assembled I went on to priming, which worked like a charm, the primer went on very easily and the paint just stuck to the resin without any work at all.

Overall I believe that this is a good direction for the hobby, conversions with this new material is just so easy to do. The material doesn't weigh NEAR as much as the metal they have used in the past, and is far less inclined to chip when dropped. I mean I cannot begin to tell you how many stories I have heard of a Tyranid Hive Tyrant, or Ork Nobs falling apart when knocked over, or paint chipping off. This is a problem I can thankfully say does not happen with the resin from finecast, its not heavy enough to fall apart, no pinning is required to strengthen the model, and there isn't enough weight to the model to chip the paint should it fall over on the table.

So while I do have my gripes along with everyone else, the price for one, the miscasts, but while these things are annoying, I think the overall benefit is worth it. I have only seen comparative pictures, but from what I have seen the detail is better. The material is a dream to work with, even when there are miscasts they are usually so minor its easy to fix. Also, as an aside, should one ever have miscasts issues, Games Workshop has a stellar replacement policy, and there are no questions asked when you have to replace a borked up model. I know of no other companies that have that stellar of a returns policy, I had to replace my Zoanthrope when I noticed it was a miscast, and it was replaced with a new one literally right away with no questions asked, it was wonderful.

So I guess I can say, at least from my limited point of view, that I am happy that I came into the hobby when I did, so that I did not have to deal with the metal models. I am quite happy for this particular change in Games Workshop's line of miniatures, because frankly I love the new finecast despite its flaws.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Secret Project REVEALED!

Finally the secret project I have been ambiguous about is revealed after months and months (personal issues of the artist) not to mention all the other bits of quiet I am going through right now.  The artist has been in a state of desperation about getting an American visa and moving, which has caused a lot of delays and hiatuses from her.  My own issues, employment being the number one, have been affecting my ability to work closely with her as well.  But anyway, enough excuses, let's hear about this secret project that's had me all tied up in knots.

Myself and Raylene, my good personal friend, have collaborated together to create something that I have wanted to do for a long time, a comic book.  That up there is the working draft (unfinished) of the cover for "Task Force: Valkyrie" a superhero comic about an all female team of heroes sent out to scout and recruit newfound powers into the superhero community.  I have, since I was a kid, been a comics nut.  I started on the teeth gritting ambiguously fingered Rob Liefield work of the nineties with all the various X books and have moved on from them into the awe inspiring Gail Simone books, the beauty in the face of ruin tales of Warren Ellis and the eldritch screams of Alan Moore as he summons the snake god onto the comic page.  They were my very first love (besides Henry James) and I still hold them close to my heart, as anyone who follows War Dolls can attest to.

"Task Force: Valkyrie" is the tale of four superheroic women of different backgrounds coming together to mutually dislike each other and be the absolute worst PR team in history.  The team leader, Snazzy Girl, pictured front, is a no nonsense pretentious alpha bitch who comes off as more passive aggressive than actually effective.  To the left is Bruiser, a smiling moron who gets by solely on the fact that she can punch a hole in a bank vault and walk through hails of gunfire without any apparent ill effects.  In the back is The Canopener, an angsty, anti-social teenager with severe self-image issues and a bad temper and finally, in the glasses, is Ultimate Girl, a tabloid super heroine who shows up on more red carpets than crime scenes.

I don't want to give too much away at the moment since this comic is going to show up in full color on this very blog soon enough, but the first plotline involves the team trying to recruit a powerful alien being to the side of good while a menacing evil presence works from behind the scenes to make sure that the alien destroys the team instead.  Please look forward to it.  It's far from completion, but I will update here with different sketches and page concepts as the comic moves forward until everything is set for a full public release.

Friday, August 26, 2011

'Ard Boyz Semi Finals here I come.

So I decided to play in the 'Ard Boyz Tournament, my first tournament ever. It was free entry, and local, so why not.

I made a few lists, and did not really test any of them, but decided on 2500 points of Eldar on foot.

Avatar, Eldrad Seer Council of like 7 Warlocks, 50 Guardians, 10 of them Stormies, 10 Wraithguard, 10 Harlequins, 10 Scorpions, 5 Swooping Hawks, 6 War Walkers, and a Wraithlord.

8 players attended, and we got matched up. My first opponent was playing some sort of Space Marines with a lot of flamers and melta. Go Avatar! I deployed first, and he had a cigarette while I was setting up my massive amount of infantry. When he got back, he looked at it all, and said he needed to go, family emergency, packed up and left.

Damnit, I was looking forward to kicking his ass. I was given a win though, minor victory points. If we had played, I could have gotten much better. Oh well

Next game vs a veteran Dark Eldar player that I always wanted to play, but our schedules conflicted. So 5 objectives, spearhead, I went first again, and on that round, a stray Missile from a Guardian squad makes its way through some trees, across the board, and wrecks one of his Raider gunships. in the course, I managed to destroy all 3 of them (secondary objective) but we tied on objectives. I made a mistake on my turn 4, not looking at the clock, and not moving to cover a second objective. Draw + some.

3rd game vs Tyranids, victory points, Kill the captain, and kill all the fast attack. Dawn of War. I don't deploy anything. man was that guy slow, so after what felt like a very long game, I managed to kill his "captain" and a LOT of those little buggers he kept making. Didn't get his fast attack, he didnt get mine either, and Eldrad was of course still alive and well. Calculating up all the points, I got another minor victory(100 points shy of Major), plus the extras for killing the captain.

End Result

Sisters of Battle placed 1st, I placed 2nd, Dark Eldar placed 3rd

As a reward, I got $40 of stuff, so I got 2 boxes of Daemonettes. They look badass.

Sept 17th, we head to Tualatin Oregon to play in the Semis.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tested my List

So that list I posted a while back here on the War Dolls, for the vassal tournament, well I finally got to test it today whilst out and about with my friend Jenn.  She and I went out to Post Falls to Gamers Haven to play some 40k, and I used a lot of her nids to supplement the models I didn't myself own.  She played her Chaos Space Marines, and I played my list below, and I have to say the bloody thing was effective at killing her off.  My only gripe is that it is not good for kill-point games, mainly because I am pooping out free points via my tervigons.  With how much of her army I killed though I was able to still win by two killpoints, but I would have had her even more handedly if I did not use the tervigon on that list.  Regardless all those termagants really tied up many of her units and allowed me free reign with my big guys to mess her world up and destroy all her vehicles.

Would I still use my tervigons in my list even in games I know will be kill points, you bet your sweet hiney.  Why would I do that you ask?  Simple, while they were busy killing off hoards of my little guys for one kill point per unit, which in some cases took two turns to do, those Marines weren't shooting at my monstrous creatures with their meltas and their plasma guns.  This allowed my monstrous creatures to pretty much just go wherever they wanted and kill plenty of guys, it was rather effective.  I may have won by two and not by more, but to be honest a two kill point win is still fairly impressive, especially considering three of those kill points were from killing models that did not cost me any points.

-thumbs up-

Overall it was tons of fun and I learned a whole lot about playing 40k that I was still unsure about and needed some help with, and Jenn while a tough teacher was an effective one.  She was fair though and pointed things out that I was forgetting, reminding me little things here and there, and while I still need to work on my charts for what I need to wound and hit, I did fairly well.  Was a fun day overall, and especially since the prior two days were so stressful for me, I really needed to get out of the house and have some fun.

So thank you Jenn, and everyone else who has helped me along the way to learn 40k.  I give my greatest thanks to Cami and Jenn, you two have had the greatest influence on my learning, and I cannot thank you enough.  I had lots of fun and you guys all rock.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Acer Aspire AS5552-7819 Notebook + accessories for gaming

Hello, my freaky darlings. I've been up to my hips in too much to do for the last week or so and haven't had a ton of time to devote to gaming. I did have to buy a laptop since I'll be largely out of my house for three - six weeks, so here's a review of said laptop and what I've done on it so far.

Acer Aspire AS5552-7819 Notebook
. I bought it from NewEgg, my reliable source, for 389.99. AMD Phenom II Dual-Core N660 3.0GHz, 4GB DDR3, 320GB hard drive, ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics card, DVD Super Multi drive on board. On board wireless of course. 3 USB ports, two on the right one on the left, one VGA and and HDMI port on the left. This is my first laptop and here are my observations thus far.

It's heavier than I expected, even though I intentionally picked a 15.6" screen. Carrying in a big over my shoulder though two parking garages and winding through endless hospital corridors made it seem crazy heavy. It has a heat vent on the upper left corner and that can get pretty danged hot. It comes loaded with a ton of just crap and I'm still uninstalling all that.

That's about all that I can say that isn't positive about this notebook. It runs EQ2 an RIft both during full raids, though I have to scale the graphics down to basic. That's not an issue for me since I often have to do that to fight server lag (HALP AB NEED NEW SERVER). It runs Leauge of Legends decently enough; again I find it easier to turn down the graphics and shadows. My other usual programs, AIM, AOL, various Facebook games, ACT, iTunes (the playback part*), Legends of Norrath, all totally playable. Netflix movies totally fine when they actually have the things I want to see! OpenOffice is perking along fine. It comes loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I am a Win XP girl so that's been something of a learning curve. There are things I like about it and things I do not like but that is completely a user deal not a laptop issue.

I would recommend it pretty highly especially if you don't raid or just raid casually but want to be able to game and write and surf the web. I've gotten around the heat issue by placing a skinny book under the notebook to lift it off whatever surface I'm using. That seems to have really done the trick. For the very reasonable price I'd say go for this notebook. You'll have to provide your own bag of course.

iTunes -- my beloved, why you hurt me? It plays stuff fine and I was able to figure out how to synch my iTunes libraries to the notebook and my main PC. However it won't connect to the iTunes store, which I believe to be some weird security conflict in Win 7. Still working on that.

Belkin USB Wired Optical Retractable Travel Mouse. Blah I want my 15 bucks back. This thing is small child sized and the cords tangle horribly. Do not want. Find an optical mouse you like and stick it into your laptop bag.

TekNmotion Yapster Universal Gaming Headset. Holy crap this is a good headset and cheap as free. 12.99 for one of the best headsets I've had to date. I'm afraid it may not hold up to heavy use but the sound quality is so good I will definitely get more. Some of the reviews complain about it not fitting well but it hasn't been an issue for me.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warhammer 40k: Kill Team review

So the other day while working I saw that there was a demo available of Warhammer 40k: Kill Team. I instantly had to select download. Granted at first I thought it was the Space Marine game demo, it wasn't until later that I realized it was a different game altogether. I hadn't even heard of this one.

The intro had a bit of a fun surprise with the appearance of a Caestus. I thought that was pretty cool. However your character is in power armor, and I think everyone will agree that not putting terminators in a Caestus is a bit of a waste of resource.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Things Commissar Carrie Has Learned (While Gaming)

What follows is a list of life lesson taught to me through my years of gaming. I hope that girl gamers everywhere can learn from my experiences.

1) "I will skullfuck you with your own hip bone" is not the proper response to losing.
2) Slapping someone in the face is not the proper response to getting hit with 14 power weapon attacks.
3) Laughing at someone's failures, why enjoyable, is not to be continued for more than twenty seconds.
4) It is not appropriate to ask your opponent if his balls hurt after a victory.
5) Throwing dice across the room in a rage is a good way to put someone's eye out.
6)Enthusiastically shouting quotes from Pokemon or Yugi-Oh during a collectable card game gets you thrown out of tournaments.
7) Throwing glitter at Blood Angels players and telling them your love can never be is cruel on multiple levels.
8) People who play Slaaneshi Marines are to be avoided at all costs.
9) Shouting "Waaagh!" never sounds as cool as it does in your head.
10) Always claim to have a boyfriend.
11) Threatening to "Come across the table" is not the Games Workshop approved method of ending games.
12) Nobody cares how awesome your models are painted if you're wearing a low cut top.
13) If someone askes you Horde or Alliance you cannot respond with "What's that?"
14) In the event of failing #13 you shouldn't end the upcoming hour long explanation prematurely by saying, "Do you even have a job?"
15) If you make someone cry you should always buy them candy.
16) Being on a team does not mean you should use the others as distractions while you do the important stuff.
17) Being on a bad team does mean you should use the others as distractions while you do the important stuff.
18) Accuracy is never as important as volume of fire.
19) Volume of fire is never as effective as accuracy.
20) I die a lot in first person shooters.
21) There is no substitute for good old fashioned pouting.
22) Tweaking someone's nipples in the middle of a game invites terrible terrible repercussions.
23) Strip Munchkin is never a good idea.
24) Except when it is.
25) Grand strategy is no substitute for cold hard math.
26) Except when it is.
27) Psycannons are for pansies.
28) Getting shot by Psycannons hurts.
29) Playing the healer and then demanding monetary compensation for each heal you hand out is a good way to lose friends.
30) There is no substitute for grinding.  Hard, mindless, boring labor is the only way to get ahead.
31) Hitting the buttons in the right order is more important than being a good team player.
32) Aggro is a terrible thing that, by all rights, should always be in the possession of others.
33) Respawning is much less fun when you have to walk ten miles to your body.
34) I dislike MMORPGs.
35) Ragequit is a viable tactic.
36) Never stop laughing.  It makes everyone else nervous.
37) Whisky and Wargaming mix surprisingly well.
38) Whisky and table top gaming always ends with me having to make a new character.
39) There is, generally speaking, no excuse for my behavior.
40) Don't touch other peoples' dice.
41) Don't touch other peoples' models.
42) Things to chew on: straws, toothpicks, gum, tootsie rolls.
43) Things not to chew on: opponents, space marines, small dice, super glue.
44) "I glued my teeth together" means the same thing as "I forfeit."
45) I am supposed to feel bad about more things than I actually do.
46) Telling an opponent's mother that he called me a cunt is being a sore loser.
47) Everyone likes Dr. Pepper but me.
48) I will often go thirsty during long gaming sessions.
49) X-Box Live is no place for anyone, no matter how old, no matter what lifestyle.
50) I should be ashamed.  Honestly.  What is wrong with me?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

As of late

So as of late, my ass has been busy holding a job ( no, not in the kitchen guys and im not going back to it) so my geek streek has been pushed back to things that i can only do at home.. least till i am done with training at work and start on my true scedual. Anywho, For a little geekyness i will talk about my WoW experiance as of late ( yes there are are real boobs on wow and no i will not tits or GTFO!) So, as of late i have been working on 6 characters, a lvl 85 human holy pally named Gwenniver, a lvl 85 Dranai resto Shammy FrannyNanny, a lvl 83 Nelf mm hunter Lunareclipse, a lvl 30 Human holy and soon to be dual speced to shadow priest named Sera, a lvl 13 Nelf feral drud Chislev, and a lvl 11 Belf arcane mage Shimai. Yes i play Ali, Yes i know in true story line they are the true evil of the worcraft world.. i point that out all the time to newbies and no one wants to listen >_<. ANYWHO so I had been off WoW for waaaaaay too long, played a week into cata when it came out then decided that i really did not have the money to pay for that shit. So i canceled my account for the time, recently i added more time to the account, Since i have had to now work at catching up to the boys who spend their lives in moma's basement peeing in bottles and yelling at mom when they need more food. With only a few hours on wow at night between being a mom and needing sleep for my job its been kinda.. busy.. anywho i have managed to get my lvl 80 hunter to 83 and my shammy started at lvl 65 when this all started and was 85 and gearing up with in a week. let me tell you, Cata is just a copy and paste with a little paint to make to look diffrent of other wow expantions. oh, and higher lvl. I will say it is EPIC to ride my flying mount in SW and watch everyone run around trying to find me when i am posting my enchainting book in trade and someone wants one, lol. Anywho. Another thing that i have been geeking out about is Legends of Krynn mud, I wish it was more active, but sadly... *frown* not many have been on as of late, so yeah. it kinda suck! And the other thing i have been geeking abotu is the two new MTG sets that came out recently new pharixia and m12, i am trying to find the new angels without looking them up on line.. you know its harder then one would thing, lol. Well, I should ger going and head the fuck out so i can take a nap before work, NI NI!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carrie's Tournament List

So, since we're at it, and in the interests of making the bets a little bit more informed, I'm releasing my list too.  Orks have, generally speaking, been regarded as pretty uncompetitive, and I'm not one to disagree terribly, honestly, especially seeing as my list looks nothing like anything remotely competitive.  Let's see what it looks like, shall we?

Archibald Forthwith and the Sin Eaters (1750)

Warboss: Power Klaw, Twin Linked Shoota, Cybork, Pole, Armor
Big Mek: Burna, SAG, Ammo Runt, Pole

5 Lootas

10 Nobz: Stikkbombz, Big Choppas x9,Armor, Pole, Banner, Painboy
21 Shoota Boyz: Big Shoota, Rokkit, Nob w/ BC, Pole
21 Shoota Boyz: Big Shootas x2, Nob w/PK, Bosspole
10 Shoota Boyz: Big Shoota
Deff Dread: DCCWx2, Riggers, Armor

Heavy Support
10 Flash Gitz: More Dakka, Shootier
Looted Wagon: Skorcha, Big Shootas x2, Red
Looted Wagon: Boomgun, Case, Red, Riggers, Plates, Wreckin' Ball, Ram

This is basically a remake of my very first, original list, and the one I still drag out when I can't be arsed to make a new one.  I keep it around because I have the models and nothing is quite as fun as scattering those big ass blast templates all over my Boyz mobs.  Good good times.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

List for Tourney

Well this is the first time I have ever made a list with this many points and boy did it take me forever.  I am ready for the vassal tournament, just need to get with someone for the first game.  Do you guys want me to put up the list basics, or will i just show it to my opponent before each game.

Was a lot of fun thinking about all the aspects and what would be worth the points for what I needed for this tourney, and what I wanted to field and how I was going to do it.  I have done only one list prior to this, and that was only 500 points which really isnt that much when you think about it.  But this 1750 list is a lot more to deal with and a lot more nuances.

General Idea:
1x Swarmlord

2x 10 count termagaunt broods
2x tervigons (all the psychic powers added on)
1x 16 count hormagaunt brood with toxin sacks

1x Doom of Malan'tai in a spore pod
3x zoanthropes (yay zoeys) in a spore pod

Heavy Support:
2x Trygon Primes with adrenal Glands

So I am pretty happy that I did this mostly on my own, when I was practically done a friend helped me out tweaking the idea a little bit and so far I think it is a potent and competitive list.  I hope I do well with it and have some fun with you all.

-Emerald Rose Widow

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cat Fight: Round One (Carrie vs Elorrah)

The very first fight of the tournament was between myself and Farseer Elorrah, Orks vs Eldar.  The lists were something like this.

Klaw Boss
9 Nobs: Big Choppas, Banner, Pole, Painboy
5 Lootas
21 Shoota Boys, Choppa Nob, RL, BS
21 Shoota Boys, Klaw Nob, 2xBS
10 Shoota Boys, BS
CCW Dread
Looted Wagon: Red, Skorcha, 2xBS
Looted Wagon: Red, Boomgun, Ram, Wrecker, Riggers

Farseer (Doom, Fortune)
Farseer (Doom)
5x Dragons (Pike Exarch)
2x 11 Banshees (Exarch), Serpent
2x 5 Dire Avengers
5 Rangers
Falcon: Lance, Cannon
Falcon: Launcher, Cannon
Wraithlord: Sword, Scatter Laser

Now, before we begin, I decided to give Dear old Elorrah a bit of a handicap.  Every time I lose a unit, I take a shot of whiskey.  It should make the game more fun, right?  So, let's see how things went!

The War Dolls 1750 Round Robin

In an effort to, you know, actually have gaming on here, allow me to present an idea we have wanted to do since before this blog went live.  This is The War Dolls 1750 Round Robin Warhammer 40k Vassal Tournament.  Or the WD1750RRW4DKVT.  I think I'm just gonna call it The Cat Fight.  We here at War Dolls have always valued the ability to smash our friends into tiny pulpy pieces and then eat their shattered remains to gain their power.  It's a natural evolution of the War Dolls ideals of furthering the cause of female gamers through a unified front.  Or were we just having fun?  I forget.  The important thing to remember here is that I am going to win and the rest of you chicks can suck my Orks.

The basic idea is simple.  All the Dolls who Play the K are going to shoot, chop, smash and flame the living hell out of each other until one person proves to be the baddest of all asses.  To this one person goes the esteemed title of WARBOSS WARDOLL (Or Chapter Master, if you're a sucka).  This tournament will probably take a little bit since one of our members is injured and another is indisposed, but the fight will rage on!  FOR JUSTICE AND GLORY!  The following table is available to gamblers and other Nevada residents.

Mistress of Minis (Team Jacob) 3:1
Katie Drake (Compensating With Chainswords Marines) 2:1
Farseer Ellorah (Space Fairies) 5:1
Commissar Carrie (Da Orks) 10:1
Emerald Rose Widow (Raid Bait) 6:1
Disclaimer: The Preceding Odds are non-scientific and written by someone with several shots of whiskey in her.  For actual odds see your nearest bookie.

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Pt II Review-ish (minor spoiler?)

So I went and saw the final Harry Potter this last weekend and thought it was really great! Granted I haven't read that book in years, so that may have been the reason I thought it was so good. There were a couple of things of course that didn't mesh with the book, but I understand in movies, sometimes you just gotta make a change.

It was nice seeing some of the old faces but sadly it was just that. Luna barely had any lines and I don't think Tonks had any, and I know they had parts in the last half of the book. Wasn't really thrilled about that, those being two of my more favorite characters.

Still, I had a great time and the movie hit me all over my emotional map. I was laughing and crying all throughout the movie, especially at the end. There is one scene in particular that struck me, and I don't think it was in the book. I am not sure if they intended it in the film, but it was really poignant.

*possible spoiler below*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mah Peeps

I'm so glad to see the familiar names of games etc in the introductory posts. It makes me feel like using gamer slang will net me understanding instead puzzling looks. ^_^

Also where go my picture? I chose one for my profile.

Along Came a Spider

Just thought I would come and and introduce myself, I am Emerald Rose Widow, or you can call me Rachel as well if you like.  Was brought into this little endeavor by Hurricanegirl who I met online through my friend Jenn sometime earlier this year.  She has introduced me to many awesome things in wargaming and has become somewhat of a mentor for me.  So I am glad to be brought in and a part of something with her like this.

I am a gamer, plain and simple, though these days I focus more on the tabletop.  DND (mostly play pathfinder though), Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, I am a general gaming nerd to be completely honest, and carry my dice around in my purse.  I am a total dork and loving it, though my experience in Warhammer and the like is rather new, as I only started playing in January, but so far am loving it.  I have my own gaming blog to talk about my own armies, but will also be contributing to hear all my experience that I may have, neat ideas, and funny stories and the like.  I just want to have fun, get to know, and just hang out with my fellow girl gamers, and I am glad to be here.

So here I shall be and I hope to get to know you all and be great friends, cause girl gamer friends are teh awesome.

-thumbs up and then runs off into the distance in a blurr of frills and petticoats-

Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing ones self

Well.. since i see other doing it, i should to. I go by Seraph/Sera/Gwen chose one and i shall respond. Ether way, i was recruted ( just beoing a goober) by Hurricangirl. We are co-workers. I am a big time gamer geek.. and a girl. I play on a mud known as Legends of krynn, WoW ( yes.. i know), MTG, D&D and Marvel, and anything else geeky i can do.

I am married to a wonderful man ( who is also a geek but no.. he is not the one who got me into gaming) and i have a 4 year old little girl, two turtles (leonardo and donitello) i have a littler of kittens (6) and one mama cat. I really can not think of anything else to say though.. <_< so BYE!

The Commissar

Hello, look, another getting to know you post.  Hi!

I'm Commissar Carrie, and I am the resident umm, I dunno, fluff mistress?  I've been called that before, so I guess it fits.  I guess everyone wants to know about everyone, so here we go.  I'm 26, I live in Reno, NV but I'm from Texas.  I have an accent and a cowboy hat and I'm not super duper experienced with this whole gaming thing, as such.  At least not war gaming.

I started my very first gaming experience ever with Mage: the Ascension about a decade ago and have been playing RPGs ever since.  I started Warhammer 40k right at the dawn of fifth edition, so I am totally new hat.  I always kind of liked the setting though, even if I kinda think Space Marines are lame.  I play Orks and Sisters of Battle, neither one particularly well.  I play to win, but really enjoy losing most of the time.  My major contributions here are likely to be fiction pieces since I am about as far from the competitive side of things as it gets.  I play armies I have fun with rather than ones designed to win, and I'm notorious for taking tons of pleasure when the scatter dice kill off scores of my own troops.  Definitely not tournament level play here.

More about me, hmm...  I feel like this is one of those Playboy interview things.  Turn Ons: Heavy Flamers, David Tennant, Space Ships, Totalitarianism.  Turn Offs: Psycannons, Chris Eccleston, Bicycles, Heresy.  I like long walks in the desert, post-apocalypse, tiramisu and comitting genocide against those who oppose the church.

Thanks for reading!

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

The title pretty much says it all. I'm a friend of HurricaneGirl's and a srs gamer. A girl gamer at that! I started on D&D waaaaay back with Keep on the Borderlands, then went on to Champions and the rest of glorious geekery.

I'm married with two kids, three cats, three PCs, four iPods and three iTouches in the house. (I built my own PC!). Gaming is my primary hobby and has been for years. Currently I'm playing Rift and some EQ2, Farmville (because somehow I cannot escape), League of Legends and Evony. Sporadically I play the Sims2, Dungeon Keeper 2 for old times' sake, StarCraft 2.. really lots of things. I also take part in online RP in various formats and forums.

In no particular order, some of my interests/favorites are: The Lord of the Rings (ask about my tattoo!), cats, cooking, J.D. Robb, Charlaine Harris books, Kim Harrison, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, the original World of Darkness, Marvel when they don't suck, Marvel Super Heroes, Champions, vampires, fantasy, Evony, David Eddings, classic literature, sushi, Top Chef, Project Runway (my guilty pleasure), Dethklok, Johnny Cash, so much other music I can't possibly list, Terry Brooks, Robert. B. Parker, roleplaying in general, LARP, Big Trouble in Little China, Ladyhawke, Labryinth, Tombstone, Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Young Frankenstein, Dead Again, Harry Potter et al, Bleach, Naruto.. you guys get the idea. I are girl gamer, hear me pwn newbs in the face. ^_^

I'd like to hear from the rest of ya'll!


We (CommissarCarrie, KatieDrake, MistressofMinis and I) are embarking on a project to try and knit girls who game a bit closer together. We'd like to give new girls (and old veterans) a place where they can find like minded people and get a more positive influence and feeling about gaming. This project will need people to make it go, but I feel that we have some great ideas already and some good people to keep it going. If we can inspire one person out there then our mission is accomplished. (if we have fun doing this, our mission is accomplished too! )

We are certainly looking for contributors and guests and ideas and anything to make it fun. This is not at all a blog for strictly one genre, we are looking from viewpoints from all games and all levels of experience. 

Part one, the chatbox, is done and over <-- yonder. We've got a few other fun things planned, and other ideas rolling around so keep watching!! also, Welcome!

If you are a girl gamer and are interested (and we hope you are), or have ideas please feel free to drop in and chat, comment or send one of us (or all of us; thewardolls@gmail.com) an email.